Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies willing to be licensed to perform FAMI-QS audits, please fill in the application form and send it together with the required documentation by e-mail to ege@fami-qs.org


After sending the application form, the duration of the approval process may vary depending on the readiness of the Certification Body. Following the initial approval of the application by FAMI-QS, the Certification Body shall apply for FAMI-QS Accreditation to its Accreditation Body (AB). Accreditation Body shall be IAF MLA Signatory Management system certification - ISO/IEC 17021-1.


Step by step approach:

Step 1 Evaluation of the documents.

Step 2 Feedback by FAMI-QS based on the submitted documents.

Step 3 Office Assessment: FAMI-QS will conduct an office assessment prior to the final approval. The costs of the office assessment (travel, auditors’ man-day etc.) will be shared between FAMI-QS and the Certification Body.

Step 4 Submission of an application to an approved AB.

Step 5 Auditors’ Training: FAMI-QS approved trainer will deliver a training to the potential FAMI-QS auditors recommended by the Certification Body.

Step 6 Approval. The Certification Body has completed the accreditation process and it is allowed to issue accredited FAMI-QS certificates.


All information obtained before, during or after assessment, including the fact that a particular Certification Body has applied for recognition, or that an application has been deferred or rejected, will be treated as highly confidential by FAMI-QS.


License fee for Certification Body : € 4000.00 (per year) as from 2019