Press releases

17th November 2017
FAMI-QS Secretariat is pleased to announce another major change in its structure: its reshaping to include a global expert participation.
2nd November 2017
More added value for the FAMI-QS certified feed business Operators: FAMI-QS – the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients, has achieved endorsement under the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (IAF MLA).
10th May 2017
The FAMI-QS General Assembly, held on the 4th of May 2017, has elected a new Board of Directors. In the document attached you can find all the details.
17th March 2017
On the 16th of March 2017, FAMI-QS delivered a workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. This workshop aimed enhancing the understanding of Third Party Certification’s role and the FAMI-QS contribution towards Feed and Food Safety.
15th March 2017
On the 13 & 14th of March 2017, FAMI-QS completed the first 2-day training for auditors based in South East Asia, in Bangkok, Thailand.
2nd March 2017
Please find attached an update on the FAMI-QS Building Confidence Initiative.
18th April 2014
FAMI-QS and Sindiraçoes published this week in the Feed and Food magazine
21st June 2013
Feed Schemes Observatory - Project Launch
15th March 2013
Countdown to the 4th Global Feed & Food Congress / South Africa's Agricultural Minister to open congress on 10 April 2013
5th March 2013
FAMI-QS and GMP+ International move ahead with a Memorandum of Understanding
17th October 2012
FAMI-QS in the press (article in Portuguese about the latest FAMI-QS/Sindirações training).
13th September 2012
EFIP feed safety schemes at European Commodities Exchange 2012 (EFIP press release).
7th December 2011
Press release : Signed agreement on feed safety between FAMI-QS and China's HSL Certification Service.
6th December 2011
Press release : FAMI-QS ensures up-to-date feed industry auditing in China.
7th September 2010
Press release : 'First issuance of FAMI-QS/I-SF/SF Certificate now a reality'.
11th February 2009
Press release on ‘Strategic alliance between FEFANA, Sindirações and AFIA’.