FAMI-QS Policy

Our commitment to Antitrust Law.


International Accreditation Forum: Associated Member

European Accreditation recognized stakeholder

Endorsement of FAMI-QS for inclusion under EA-MLA level 4

International Organizations

IFIF (International Feed Industry Federation)

Organisations for which FAMI-QS established strategic agreement of cooperation

AFIA (American Feed Industry Association)

Sindirações (Sindicato Nacional Da Industria De Alimentação Animal)

Organisations for which FAMI-QS established mutual recognition

Organisation    Scope of the certificate
AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation)    Feed Additives
   Functional Feed Ingredients
   Specialty Complementary Feed
   Specialty Complementary Dietetic Feed
GMP + International 
Supplier cross approval process
OVOCOM (Overlegplatform Voedermiddelenkolom)    Feed Additives
QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH    Feed Additives