Feed safety incident notification

FAMI-QS is the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients. In its respective current version, the FAMI-QS Code of Practice is a recognized ‘Community Guideline’. It is mutually acknowledged by other European, national or local standards. FAMI-QS Code actually addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance of these types of feed.

Proper assurance of feed safety worldwide is a high priority. Because feed safety has been a top political and commercial issue and because serious incidents in the feed sector can occur, demonstrable assurance of feed safety has become a sales prerequisite.

Preparing for crisis situations and responding appropriately to them if they occur can make a difference. A “Feed Safety Incident and Crisis Management Procedure” has been therefore initiated.

If the certified Operator becomes aware or has reasons to suspect of a feed safety incident, or if a product has been recalled following such incident, this Operator shall immediately make FAMI-QS and its Certification Body aware of the situation. 

Together with the operator, the Certification Body shall also take appropriate steps to assess the situation and shall take appropriate action. The Certification Body shall inform FAMI-QS about the result of this assessment and further progress as the decision concerning the operator’s certificate. During each regular audit, the auditor shall verify whether a feed safety incident has occurred or not.

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