TF Supply Chain Integrity Project

Since 2004, the FAMI-QS Code of Practice provides requirements for implementing the necessary measures to ensure feed safety and quality of products manufactured by precise processes. The text of the Code is designed to set out general requirements, and to be used as a tool for Operators to develop their specific procedures. The Code covers requirements on Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP programme and suggestions on continuous improvements to the design, management of operations and risks with a goal of maintaining feed safety and quality.

Recent scandals in the worldwide food and feed sector have highlighted the need to strengthen fraud prevention measures across the entire supply chain. Not only is this necessary to protect the health of consumers, but corporations and regulators both know that trust is the foundation upon which efficient, functioning markets are built. In addition, there is continued public concern about the food or feed sector being used for deliberate acts that could harm the general public for ideological purposes (acts of terror).

The principles used for managing feed safety and quality as defined in the FAMI-QS Code of Practice have not been developed to routinely detect or mitigate feed fraud or terror attacks on an operators’ systems or processes. For this reason, FAMI-QS has developed the feed fraud prevention and defence module called “Supply Chain Integrity Programme”.

The Supply Chain Integrity Programme will support FAMI-QS Feed Business Operators to define their actions against feed fraud and feed defense and demonstrate compliance with the Requirements of the FAMI-QS Code Version 6.0 § 4.6. Feed Safety and Quality Policy, § 7.1 Establishment and regulatory requirements.

With the launch of the module, the eligible activities covered by FAMI-QS Certification will include Production, Trade, Feed Fraud and Feed Defense. The module will be mandatory for all FAMI-QS Certified Feed Business Operators (producers and traders).


Members of TF Supply Chain Integrity Programme

Fred Schuster, ADM
Ingrid Stilgenbauer-Voigt, BASF
Emmanuel Geneiatakis, FAMI-QS
Catherine Desautels, Lallemand
Bernadette Okeke, Lallemand
Vera Houriet, Pancosma
Angela Pellegrino Missaglia, Sindirações
Peter Fidder, Trouw Nutrition
Brian Curtin, Zinpro Animal Nutrition (Europe)

For more information on the Supply Chain Integrity programme please contact Mr. Emmanuel Geneiatakis at