1st June 2022
In the framework of supporting the new applicant organisations in the familiarisation and understanding of the FAMI-QS certification system, the FAMI-QS Secretariat upon approval of the Board of Directors, launched its new First Time Right initiative.
12th April 2022
The 25th issue of the FAMI-QS Newsletter is now available!
25th February 2022
We are really excited to share with you the 24th issue of the FAMI-QS Newsletter.
29th June 2021
Following the inputs and feedback of our members on the Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence templates, the FAMI-QS Secretariat has redesigned the files to help make them easier to use and understand.
21st April 2021
FAMI-QS is happy to share with you the latest issue of our Newsletter.
6th March 2020
FAMI-QS is happy to announce the release of the 19th Edition of the FAMI-QS Newsletter
5th November 2019
FAMI-QS is happy to announce the release of the 18th Edition of the FAMI-QS Newsletter
29th August 2019
We are happy to announce the dates and locations of the training in Europe. Additional locations (China, India, South East Asia, US) will be announced soon.
13th August 2019
FAMI-QS Newsletter 17- 13 August 2019
9th November 2018
[AGENDA AVAILABLE] To enhance better understanding of the role of Third Party Certification in Feed and the recently publised FAMI-QS Certification System, a one day workshop will be organised by FAMI-QS on the 12th of December of 2018 in Mumbai, India.
12th October 2018
Since the publication of the revised FAMI-QS Certification System on the 1st of October 2017, we have received numerous comments for further clarification on the requirements covered in the Code, Rules and Transition Document. Consequently, these FAMI-QS documents were subject to some technical changes that will be emphasised in this Note for FAMI-QS Feed Business Operators. Please note that this document is only for information purposes. Feed Business Operators are kindly requested to always refer to the complete documents available on our website.
13th December 2017
We are happy to share with you the 15th edition of the FAMI-QS Newsletter.
2nd October 2017
We are pleased to announce the launch of the FAMI-QS revised Certification System.
8th September 2017
Know more about the transition requirements to the FAMI-QS Code Version 6 in our newsletter dedicated to this subject.
31st January 2017
FAMI-QS is pleased to bring you the 11th edition of the FAMI-QS Newsletter.
4th April 2016
We are happy to announce that the 2015 FAMI-QS Annual Report is now available online. Enjoy your reading!
7th May 2014
FAMI-QS latest information.
18th April 2014
New FAMI-QS Documents out!
14th April 2014
European Commission Corner
27th March 2014
European Commission Corner
19th February 2014
European Commission Corner
14th February 2014
New FAMI-QS Documents out!
17th January 2014
European Commission Corner
18th December 2013
FAMI-QS launches its Newsletter!
26th November 2013
European Commission Corner
29th October 2013
European Commission Corner
27th September 2013
European Commission Corner
13th August 2013
European Commission Corner
1st July 2013
European Commission Corner
10th June 2013
Our commitment to Antitrust Law.
29th May 2013
FAMI-QS launches its Newsletter!
26th March 2013
News: Market Withdrawal Regulation (EU) No 230/2013
18th March 2013
European Commission Corner
8th March 2013
New Version of FAMI-QS documents out!
27th February 2013
FAMI-QS launches the first edition of its newsletter in chinese!
11th February 2013
European Commission Corner
6th February 2013
FAMI-QS third party certification system endorsed by European Co-operation for Accreditation
11th January 2013
European Commission Corner
21st December 2012
FAMI-QS launches the first edition of its newsletter!
28th November 2012
FAMI-QS, the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website.
5th November 2012
ITC collaborates with FAMI-QS: latest news on Standards Map.
18th October 2012
FAMI-QS and Sindirações share experience in third party certification with the coordination of animal feed inspection in Brazil.
24th September 2012
CAUTION: use of a fake FAMI-QS certificate.
12th August 2012
AFIA, FAMI-QS to host awareness in Feed Safety Awareness Program.
5th July 2012
EFIP Newsletter - July 2012.
14th June 2012
Market Withdrawal Regulation (EU) No 451/2012.
5th June 2012
FAMI-QS reinforces Feed Safety Incident Management.
5th April 2012
Mr. Didier Jans, Secretary General of FAMI-QS Asbl and Mr. Ariovaldo Zani, Vice President of Sindirações.
15th March 2012
Cooperation between FAMI-QS and Brazilian Sindicato Nacional da Indùstria de Alimentação Animal.
10th March 2012
FAMI-QS ensures up-to-date feed industry auditing in South America.
24th February 2012
CAUTION: use of a fake FAMI-QS certificate.
3rd January 2012
Communication on the situation between FAMI-QS and Q+S.
20th December 2011
EFIP Newsletter - December 2011.
7th September 2011
International Safe Feed/Safe Food certification program reaches milestone.
13th May 2011
The new FAMI-QS scope adaptation.
28th February 2011
The new FAMI-QS flyer now available online.
17th March 2010
The FAMI-QS Annual Report 2009 is now online!
27th November 2009
Chinese translation of Code of Practice V5, Guidance V5, Rules for Operators and Rules for CBs uploaded on webpage ‘Rules’.
20th June 2009
CR V5 (as well as presentations on Certification Rules V5 and Code and Guidance V5).
15th June 2009
Rules for Operators and Rules for Certification Bodies (version 5, 2009-06-01) are now online!
20th April 2009
New versions of the Code and the Guidance.