CAUTION: Use of a Fake FAMI-QS Certificate

We are aware that the following companies RIBO IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD. and RICHASE ENTERPRISE PTE. LTD., are circulating fraudulent documents which may create the impression that these companies are FAMI-QS certified. 

Fraudulent documents are attached in this notification.

We ask all FAMI-QS Operators and Partners to remain alert and always consult the FAMI-QS database of certified companies on our website: Only FAMI-QS certified companies are listed in our certified company database.

The presently acknowledged Certification Bodies and their contact agents are also listed on our website:

All FAMI-QS Members and Partners must report to FAMI-QS any unlawful use of FAMI-QS designations and/or collective logo by third parties.

This announcement is made in accordance with the provisions laid down in section 8.3 “Certificate“ of FAMI-QS Rules of Certification Bodies version 8 and section 15 “Use of logo” of FAMI-QS Rules for the Operators version 8. The FAMI-QS name and logo may only be used by operators that have obtained certification from a certification body recognized by FAMI-QS Asbl. The right to use the FAMI-QS logo and/or name is exclusively granted by FAMI-QS Asbl, and can be withdrawn at any moment in the event of noncompliance with certification requirements.

Furthermore, let us advise you to always consult the FAMI-QS certified companies' database or to contact us directly if you have any doubt about a company’s FAMI-QS certification.