FAMI-QS to apply the ViaSyst audit reporting system

FAMI-QS is a worldwide preeminent on feed safety management system scheme for specialty feed ingredients (feed ingredients sourced mainly via the following processes: bioprocess, chemical, extraction, formulation, mining and mixing) . To support and boost the growth of the scheme, FAMI-QS is applying the ViaSyst audit reporting platform for the implementation of the new version 6.0 of the scheme, from the beginning of 2019.

Work has already started, with some developmental and settings phase expected to be completed by the end of May. Then, a pilot phase involving at least 3 certification bodies (CBs) is programmed over September /October, to refine and fine-tune the system prior to operation from 1st of January 2019.

FAMI-QS will use the entire potential of the ViaSyst platform, from its reporting to interactivity facilities as well as the online capabilities, where appropriate.

With regards to FAMI-QS certification bodies, there are benefits ranging from avoidance of duplications to savings and some of these are described at http://www.viasyst.com/index.php/management-system-solutions/certificati.... For example, there would definitely be some simplification thanks to an App (available also on smartphones). This App, usable offline, with voice recognition facilities and ability to be synchronized with the platform on subsequent connections will revolutionize note-taking by auditors. It will also allow the uploading of pictures (as audit evidence), enormously facilitating preparation of closing meetings.

For FAMI-QS, the availability of all audit and certification related data in one platform will allow enhanced and real time control of the scheme’s implementation and integrity programme, as well as simplifying the related internal processes. The time saved will then be invested in added value for the scheme users, e.g. training, support, awareness, monitoring of trends, guidance and interpretation.

The publicly available certificate list will also be improved, with a dashboard, a map and easy search functions.

FAMI-QS & ViaSyst Team