CAUTION: Misleading “FAMI–QS Feed Safety Document Kit”

It came to our attention that a non-authorised and non-verified “Editable Feed Safety Document Tool Kit” is available for purchase on the internet through the following website: THIS IS NOT A FAMI-QS RELATED PRODUCT.

Be aware that FAMI-QS never provided any technical support to such an organisation to develop any kind of tools and documentation for building a feed safety management system according to the FAMI-QS requirements.

This allegeable “FAMI–QS Feed Safety Document Kit” doesn’t belong to FAMI-QS and therefore any purchases should be avoided.

FAMI-QS provides all its documents free of charge. You can find them in our website or by asking directly to us.

If any other similar situations come to your attention, please let us know, so we can take the appropriate actions.