FAMI-QS and GMP+ International have renewed mutual Memorandum of Understanding

In 2013 FAMI-QS and GMP+ moved forward by signing a Memorandum of Understanding in view of further supporting and securing the global value feed chain. The Memorandum of Understanding allows feed business operators to choose freely the feed safety management system that better fits into their operations and to deliver to each other’s system without preconditions and without jeopardising the feed safety.

This major step forward was based on the common trust in regards to the results that both organizations deliver towards feed safety and also on the commitment of FAMI-QS and GMP+ International towards the EU single market and WTO-TBT Agreement.

Under this framework, FAMI-QS and GMP+ International have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding in order to include the latest developments in feed safety for both schemes.

Next to the acceptance of each other’s certificates, FAMI-QS and GMP+ International have agreed to work together on topics such as accreditation, harmonisation of schemes and promotion of feed safety system all around the world, in addition to the important issue of bulk transport.

See more details in the attached Press Release.