Renewed Mutual Recognition Between FAMI-QS and QS

Dear Members,

Following the Mutual Recognition acceptance of each other’s certificates signed on 18 June 2018, a renewal agreement of Mutual Recognition will apply as from now. The renewal agreement will now cover the full scope of both schemes at International Level.

As a result of the agreement, ingredients produced with one of the FAMI-QS processes will be covered under this agreement. Those ingredients could be classified in Europe as feed additives or feed materials. Please note that ingredients that cover basic animal nutrition needs are excluded.

The agreement also covers the following mixtures: premixtures, complementary feed and dietetic feed. Complete feedingstuffs, e.g., mixtures of feedingstuffs which, by reason of their composition, are sufficient for a daily ration (Article 2(c) of Council Directive 1999/29/EC of 22 April 1999 on undesirable substances and products in animal nutrition) are not covered within the scope of this agreement.

Under the new agreement FAMI-QS certified companies shall be registered directly in the Q+S Database. In addition, a direct contractual agreement will be signed between FAMI-QS and Q+S Certified Organization.

Please refer to the attached Press Release for details about this bilateral agreement.

Kind regards,