Non-authorized Certification Body

We would like to inform all stakeholders that UK Certification & Inpection is a non-authorized Certification Body and is not licensed to perform FAMI-QS audits. As a result the certificate issued for Srimukh BIO Products is not a valid certificate.
The current FAMI-QS authorised Certification Bodies are available at:
In addition, we ask all FAMI-QS Operators and Partners to remain alert and always consult the FAMI-QS database of certified companies. Only FAMI-QS certified companies are listed in the Scheme’s certified companies database.
Interested parties can look for a valid certificate in the following two listings:

FAMI-QS Certificates Version 5.1 (available until 2020-10-01):
FAMI-QS Certificates Version 6.0:
All FAMI-QS Members and Partners must report to FAMI-QS any unlawful use of the FAMI-QS designations and/or collective logo by third parties.
Furthermore, let us advise you to always consult the FAMI-QS certified companies database or to contact us directly if you have any doubt about a company’s FAMI-QS certification.