Technical Committee

Working Group Process Documents

FAMI-QS is now launching a call for interest for the participation of experts on the Working Group Process Documents. This group will be responsible for the review of the FAMI-QS Process Documents and will be divided into the following Task Force (TF) Groups: TF Bioprocess, TF Chemical, TF Extraction, TF Formulation, TF Mining and TF Mixing.

The Process Documents will have their own dynamics and will be adapted according to the needs of the industry, which will vary.

Participation on the Working Group Process Documents will be on a voluntary basis, therefore commitment of organisations and individuals is vital.

There are no geographical restrictions for the participation in the Task Forces. Each individual may choose more than one TF to participate and contribute. The only prerequisite for the participation in the TF is the proven experience on the selected topic related to the TF.

Each TF will be convened by a member of the industry and co-convened by a FAMI-QS manager.

Any interested party wanting to join the Working Group Process Documents shall express its interest by filling the following online questionnaire

We will then contact you for the next steps. 


Working Group Accreditation and Certification

Accreditation has a significant impact on our operations. As the requirements are changing more frequently than we can expect, a dedicated group with the relevant skills and knowledge is required to deal with these issues. The WG will be dealing with all aspects of the accreditation and certification process, ISO 17021, ISO/TS 2200, and will provide support to the IAF MLA Agreement.

This group will replace the annual certification bodies meeting.