Application procedure

To apply for the FAMI-QS Certification, the applicant has to fill in the Application form and submit it to the FAMI-QS Secretariat for evaluation.

By filling out and submitting the form, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the requirements as these are set in the FAMI-QS Code of Practice and Rules for Operators.

FAMI-QS will evaluate the application and inform the applicant on the outcome. When the application has been approved, an invoice for the membership fee is raised. An Approval Letter is issued to the applicant organisation upon receipt of the payment.

To facilitate the process for the applicant organisation, FAMI-QS offers an onboarding programme under the First Time Right initiative giving new members the opportunity to complete two trainings during which they can learn more about the certification system, its requirements and the value of accreditation and how it works. It is recommended that new members complete both trainings prior to their audit.

For applicants in Latin America, please contact:

Sindirações – Sindicato Nacional da Ind. de Alimentação Animal
Avenida Paulista, 1313 – 10 º andar – Cjs. 1050 e 1060
Cerqueira César, São Paulo
SP 01311-923, Brasil

For information: Mrs. Angela Pellegrino Missaglia
Tel.: +55 11 3541 1212


Participant members in the Scheme are required to pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee is calculated based on how many sites your organisation has and is raised within the first semester of each year.

In order to support our members to better cope with the challenging topic of feed fraud and defence, FAMI-QS launched the FAMI-QS Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence module. An additional fixed fee relating to the module is raised to the applicant organisation upon initial registration together with the membership fee. This is a one-time fee per registered organisation (not per site).

* In case of changes during a certification cycle, additional fees may apply.

**An administrative fee applies in case of disruption in the certification cycle or withdrawal of your FAMI-QS Certificate.

2014 550€ PER SITE / 150€ (CHANGES)
2015-2023 550€ PER SITE 250€ (since 2019) 150€/300€
2024 650€ PER SITE 250€ 150€/300€
150€ (CHANGES)


Use the below tool to verify whether your scope is eligible for the FAMI-QS Certification. A separate tool is provided for single ingredients and mixtures.


All process are covered by this list of process :
Bioprocess, Chemical, Extraction, Formulation, Mining, Mixing


Is it sufficient as a daily ration?


Steps to Apply

1 Download a copy of the FAMI-QS Code of Practice, the Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence Module and Rules for Operators. Read the documents carefully.
2 Evaluate your readiness and perform an internal audit with the help of the FAMI-QS checklist. A copy of this document is available upon request to the FAMI-QS Secretariat.
3 Identify your scope and fill in the Application form. Submit the form via
email to
4 FAMI-QS will evaluate the application and contact you to inform you of the approval decision. If your application is accepted, an invoice for the membership fee is issued. Upon receipt of the payment, an Approval Letter is sent to you.


Steps to FAMI-QS Certification

1 To obtain the FAMI-QS Certificate, you have to select a Certification Body and contact them to schedule and begin preparation for your audit. The Approval Letter sent to you by FAMI-QS has to be provided to your Certification Body.
2 The initial audit is conducted in two stages:
• Stage 1: evaluation of the Feed Safety Management System (FeSMS), documentation, and scope
• Stage 2: verification of the implementation of the FeSMS
3 Once the audit is concluded, the Certification Body submits the audit documentation to FAMI-QS for validation.
4 After revision of the audit documentation and its findings by the Certification Body, a certification decision is made. If the assessment is successful, a certificate is issued to the organisation.
5 FAMI-QS reviews the audit documentation, training records and payment of membership fees and validates the data for registration. After validation of the audit documentation, the organisation is included in the online directory of certified organisations.