Public Consultation

In 2020, FAMI-QS carried out a systematic review of the Process Documents Chemical and Mixing.

The main objective of the revision was to align the documents with the 2020 CODEX General Principles of Food Hygiene CXC 1-1969 and to ensure that the Process Documents for the chemical and mixing processes reflect all the known hazards.

Note on the Process Document Mixing

Given that the introduction of the Process Document Formulation created some confusion at global level as to whether it can stand alone as a process or a step of a process and whether the outcome of a formulation is a mixture or a single ingredient, it was agreed that the Process Document Formulation will be merged with the Process Document Mixing. Formulation, as a step in the process, is already included in all processes.

Why the Process Documents are important to the FAMI-QS Certification Scheme?

Following the revision of the FAMI-QS Certification System and the launch of the FAMI-QS Code of Practice Version 6.0, our scope was adapted to reflect a worldwide implementation of the system. With the scope Specialty Feed Ingredients, we refer to any production and trade of single ingredients and/or their mixtures coming out of one of the following production processes or a combination thereof, for which our sector maintains a high level of expertise: Bioprocessing, Chemical, Extraction, Mining, Mixing

The Process Documents act as a mandatory add-on to the FAMI-QS Code for the implementation of the requirements addressed within the FAMI-QS Code Version 6.0 §8.7. HACCP Programme. Specific to each process, each document provides a hazard assessment framework consisting of specific guidelines for managing the hazards associated with each process. In addition, the Process Documents are part of the final FAMI-QS auditors’ scope approval.

The consultation for the Process Documents Chemical and Mixing will remain open until 2022-10-30. We invite you to share with us your comments on the document using the below templates. Your comments can be submitted via email to

Comments evaluation

Once the consultation period has concluded, the FAMI-QS Secretariat will compile the comments received in one document. Following an initial review of the comments by the FAMI-QS Secretariat, the TFs Chemical and Mixing will assess the content and provide feedback on each comment. Once this process has been completed, the comments with the responses provided by the TFs will be made available on the FAMI-QS Website for a period of two (2) months. In the event that there will be comments that may have a significant impact on the document, the document will be submitted for a short comment period of thirty (30) days.