Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence Module

In 2018, FAMI-QS carried out the challenging task to incorporate the requirements for Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence under its third-party certification system, by creating an additional mandatory add-on module for FAMI-QS Certification System Version 6. The module applies to trade and production.
The Feed Fraud Prevention and Defence module is not a stand-alone document and will be used exclusively in conjunction with the FAMI-QS Code of Practice Version 6.0. Implementing and adhering to the module is mandatory for all feed business organisations choosing to get certified against FAMI-QS Version 6.
The goal of the module is to ensure that FAMI-QS Certified Feed Business Operators will implement an auditable system that demonstrates their ability to manage and effectively mitigate the risk of feed fraud and terrorism.
For currently FAMI-QS Certified Organisations transitioning from FAMI-QS Version 5.1 to FAMI-QS Version 6.0, a three (3) year compliance period will be granted. FAMI-QS Certified Organisations can obtain a FAMI-QS Certificate under version 6.0 without the full implementation of the module.
Organisations shall present to the auditor a realistic action plan to meet the requirements of the module. The action plan timelines shall not exceed the three (3) years compliance period. End of the compliance period will be the 1st of September 2022. Failure to present an action plan will be treated as a major nonconformity.
Audits against the complete module will start after the 1st of September 2020.
As from September 1st 2022, FAMI-QS Certificates under Version 6.0 cannot be obtained without the implementation of the complete module.
Multisite organisations operating under a centralised FAMI-QS Management System shall ensure that all the sites listed on their centralised certificates are covered by the module.
Templates: For the implementation of the module, FAMI-QS has developed specific templates that the operators shall use. The templates will guide you through the process in order to develop your own vulnerability and fraud assessments. In addition, these templates will support and help in the standardisation of the auditing process.
For organisations that have not already developed a vulnerability and threat assessment, the use of the templates is mandatory. For those organisations that already have a vulnerability and threat assessment in place, they can continue to use their own templates, however, they have to ensure that the elements of the FAMI-QS templates have been incorporated in their own templates.